Cerberus® PRO intelligent fire protection

Cerberus® PRO – the comprehensive fire protection system

Fire safety is all about protecting people and assets and
securing business processes and continuity. Cerberus® PRO
is an intelligent and comprehensive fire protection system
that offers fast and reliable fire detection, alarm signaling,
voice communication, and control for all kinds of
applications. Whether you need a fire-only solution or the
additional benefits of integrated intelligent voice
communication with mass notification, the Cerberus PRO
family adeptly meets your requirements.

Fire control panels with or without voice –
scalable to meet your requirements

The Cerberus PRO control panel portfolio offers fast, reliable
fire detection, intelligent emergency communication
capability, and complete operator control, making them the
perfect solution fit for all types of facilities.

Designed without the complexity and costs of modular voice
systems, the Cerberus PRO Intelligent Voice Communication
System is a cost-effective solution for buildings that would
normally use only horn appliances for audible signaling. This
equips buildings with emergency communication

capabilities that can address urgent events and everyday
announcements, including customized messaging to precise

 Compact, networkable control panels, with or without
voice, meet a variety of applications and are easy and
intuitive to operate. Required information is displayed in
a clear and comprehensible way.

– See all fire and non-fire emergency events on a single
– Control a network of systems as though it were all on a
local panel
– Enjoy the flexibility and peace-of-mind of
communicating everyday and emergency messages
when you select a panel with voice
 A networkable fire terminal enables operation remote
from the control panel

■ A stand-alone control panel covers less complex
■ Marine and harsh environment approved enclosure and
accessories provides outstanding protection under
challenging conditions

ASAtechnology – most intelligent and reliable fire detection

With advanced signal analysis and 20+ selectable profiles, ASAtechnology detectors
ensure very fast, highly reliable detection in demanding environments.

An innovation that sets new standards
Protecting people and assets and securing
business processes are of utmost importance. That’s why Cerberus™ PRO provides
the ideal fire safety solution for any application area. Features like the innovative
ASAtechnology™ (Advanced Signal Analysis) and No False Alarm Guarantee make
these detectors the best choice for protecting particularly demanding areas —
whether sensitive or harsh. Environments
like data centers or industrial production
facilities need highly advanced technology
with no false alarms to ensure maximum
safety and optimal protection.

Typical application areas
With the capability of earliest detection
of flaming fires caused by the combustion
of liquid and solid matter, ASAtechnology™
fire detector OOH941 and ASAtechnology™
fire and carbon monoxide (CO) detector
OOHC7941 are especially suited for:
– Data centers and IT equipment
– Telecommunications facilities
– Hospitals and nursing homes
– Restaurants and small commercial kitchens
– Auto repair shops and parking garages
– Industrial production facilities
– Warehouses
– Power generation facilities

Intelligent technology
The OOH941 and the OOHC941 ensure a
high degree of safety and early warning of
flaming fires. Their unique sensor system
uses state-of-the-art forward/backward
light scattering technology, providing
advanced optical analysis of smoke particles and improving detection capability.
Additionally, each detector has two thermal
and two optical sensors. This redundancy
protects against false alarms caused by deceptive phenomena such as steam, dust, or
gas. These two technologies are the basis
for the unique ASAtechnology. OOH941
and OOHC941 comply with NFPA 76
(Telecommunication Standard) and are
classified as a Very Early Warning Fire
Detector (VEWFD).

Additional CO detection
The OOHC941 combines the unique
ASAtechnology with CO detection for maximum life safety. The additional CO sensor

responds quickly and reliably to both fire
and the presence of CO – whether generated by or independent from fire. OOHC941
complies with the fire safety and carbon
monoxide codes and standards, UL 2075
and NFPA 720.

Meeting changing needs easily
You can optimally tailor OOH941 and
OOHC941 to always meet current requirements: Select from 20+ detection profiles
and easily and quickly switch between them
– depending on the room usage.

Protecting the environment
These detectors are RoHS compliant and
meet the standards regarding the Restriction
of the Use of Certain Hazardous Substances
in Electrical and Electronic Equipment. They
also provide enhanced detection equivalent
to ionization detectors due to their forward/
backward light scattering technology. This
makes them a perfect “green” solution.

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